other empty mirrors

he went to a teacher
asking for a new perspective
who knew for being asked
all was said
saw another riddle for affirmation
so handling the spiral bend
undutifully listened to the smoking
before the question
and again
in making a motion only with his hand
the end

around a line

I asked them
First they clubbed me with silence

If expecting magic, they wanted the blood
hungry like a deity with no realm I was
then silence

they had so much to say and
No mouths to speak
I asked them again, demanded connection
they sent call and response clicks I couldn’t catch
i sent back skipping, a record

I tore at the stone wall
until I was made of stones and stood.

espèces sentinelles

when i speak to you
slightly, facing away
two mirrors repeat
in autoerotic response

in the missing
connection looms
vantages yet to come
thy kingdom undone

our best interpretive trails
voices pounding closed
as weight crushes sneakers
autumn releasing sweet vapors

we’re runners talking
sweeping out the grey
tasting the tiny metals
hitting every manhole

the where, has become more inane
more ridiculous
than entrusting inheritance
are you going?

my words are flat footed
the world was round.


Turtle doves cooing at 4am
electricity in the wet air
gives rise breaking into
circadian eyes

The freeway’s wheezing ebb
talks static on the banks
of a still lake chatting with
barbecue smoke

I’m walking just above the high
water entranced
to elder oaks watching
thoracic red ants swarm the crag

Raven never, made no master —
the pieces just lit us up.