As we lay tanning

Living with dying matures us as one element of accepting and moving through the loss.
who’s loss?

Boundaries explore their link to that well
who’s bottom?

No nouns of peace until we dismantle
our objective lives
having eaten false standards

This dance matures us leveling to acceptance
not without wailing forbearance
opens the veils with one jasmine gust
ancestors pump and jolt
our zombie filters rotting here on this side
we’re heading toward her

She chelates toward absorption
ricochets lazy meaning
off greedy dry mouths
on eye-less faces

Incinerates the guilt milk stream
Cinching the future around
heaping heft emptiness
material’s potential mediated
with ink blood bodies
stories written in earth

one, moving forward with less, carrying more
the boundary.


Staying in the fuzzy places
grease is easy
talk of the talk
we can make problems
solve the ones that didn’t matter
when it comes to the wheel
moving the dial forward
it’s an i versus a me
just the same as they
hamstrung on the line run
doubled over the brightest
what it takes to move these legs
amounts to two
becomes one.

pick your take

every one of these
are, will, and have been
used for
assembly instructions, death decrees
white papers on cutting edge therapies
multiple page intake forms, rewards
non-underlined portions of Mad Lib books
warnings on the inside of sun visors
eviction notices on red doors, diplomas
in textbooks and all
made up histories
and facts
in fact
someone really knows
what all these really mean
How arrangement
or composition
takes the wind out of us
has us think in new ways
or feel something precious
as we move through discomfort, hasn’t it?

war shares

Rampaging victims of our
inner wars
we warrant arms
white blood cell farms
banished norms
toward mended harms

Torn references
Scatter like mice
We individually pay a
collective price
Unheard of and
not listening

Gales cross in arcing hefts
Shoved, we cut down
What we see
With what we saw


a clapping song

tell you what is seen
things happening outside
the ships seem so real
introduced to allies
family of blood and otherwise
ancestral songs we’ll sing
while new ones ring out
walking you along
love deeply your mother
forgiving myself
for all that may be missed