Sister Ja

Somehow you got in between
Not without scar not without meme

Years sharing hunger
That then didn’t need to be known to be alive

Fought with eyes closed
Couldn’t help but love

Learned from simple parable people
Broken on the outside

Told we were natives
Shown into and through seasons
Intimate with leaves

Together and alone we hated
The strictures of structures
The influence of tameness

Your magic bound and unseen
You went on to bear life
Bringing your beauty in
Through thick brambles of choking weeds

Life cried out and you stayed up all night
To nurse
Transforming your pain and homesickness

Continued walking home
Through the camouflage of numbness
Started dancing and spraying
Colors in ways you know only

You’re a respite, a soaring spring
Love inviting
Children Family Friends and me


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