I am or My own coal mine

Dog’s been runnin around at least forty years
longer than a not too historical lifespan
of an underground savage

i get to wake up and out my door is green
small mountain range as the sun rises
calling crows to shift change and scrub jays to holler

this is more than i imagined
imagination wasn’t an outer future
but an inner parallel present
glorified in hindsight I saw myself a peasant
poorer than true
scrappy with

a story to sling because I only need fall forward to present

no, dreaming is big work here
blood, letting, it, come
not bleeding but building

a real dream, a risk
one I’ve rarely taken
leading to unexpected pathways and corridors

a shoofly

i wonder if there’d be digging if there was never a covering over
alas i dig and have squeezed
applying force beyond my years
coaching to and from an inner force to be reckoned with

no one sees the man
buried and exhumed with his own hands
it’s not for them

I’m finding what not need be found
one man’s treasure

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