on o’livers lament – lo! revel

how lucky

or cursed with hex

to have such a range

from tortured lovelack

bitter bite back born by

self denial

the entrusting of another

only to be sold back to ourselves

purported people from angels

all the way through to ecstatic inner peace

grand unification

pouring joyful tears

not without shadow

this spectrum casts

an engulfing arc in waking hours

of that one day

a cake walk to look back at

antici-pie-ate forward

but in the bearing

why not weep at our relation-less arms

with what our hands ache for doing

the grounds sucking desire

the call and response of sisters and brothers

whose mouths and hearts are hungry for the same food.

where abstraction rules and overstuffs an assymptotic confusion

in disintegration

personal suffering swells like a drowned calf

and follows suffrages of suffering.

come back to land

gather your head, hands and heart in front

dethroning entitled pain, pleasure or relief

building a back not for protection

but for lifting your own human spirit straps

as your body mortals-down in rhythmic bounce

and on that same day

grants rest

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