The charge was greater

greater the potential

rememberence of my brother

direct and laughter from wisdom

tried to dismiss it as co-masturbation

disregarded the veils to make one that we shared vision on

to make shadows and hand puppet gestures

against a wild moon sky

saddle bags, respites of bitterness peppered with laughter

when it came to brass tacks

mine already in my ass

You arrived where I would go to

for you for life, for her

and I found bigger questions

a bigger hole

To the gestures we flirted with in pubs

and a holding that showed me we were in the crust

when I tried, you closed your eyes

or saw the blindness in mine

told me too bad for you
all roads lead to home

and while you’d been blind before, were sure
you’d done it in No time
without spending a dime

and i ended up feeling like a million buckets, starting.


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