the living lot

a call to men posted in positions of power
who climbed brambled from
powerless repositories of malnourished heart
lacking a personal power place inside

to look at what the cost of ignoring
does to living beating budgets of hearts and souls
dreams unborn, co-opted or stolen by

undigested and blind
hungry ancestral assertions
resource pools frozen by unfelt pain

is it men that the military collectively har(v)n(e)(s)s(t)s
or boys grown/built of Father’s
lifeless grieving clay
stolen from mother’s rooting arms meant to be
ingrown inside fir-Ma-ment-

-greater her nurturance

fear bent
instead of drawn from within
towards womankind

fired with deep innocent passion
directionless burning
in the winds of a masterfully marketed prison freedom promise

where the negligence or skill
harness the violence
feed the rage
trained inside pens called
small towns
large cities
your hometown
homogenous testing tube schools
not educed in sacred dens
where water behind the eyes
comes forward
falls to earth
and waters the roots
of a living man

where the boys to men?

it all loosened on shadows and ghosts
of them
to them

forced into the mouths
to trust in a code
locked in rust 

if you’re reading then see
the world where
include a mirror
safely inserted, surgically skull screwed

then a man can see himself
as he considers
as he positions
as he contemplates
before  – as –  and after he

as he is
so shall he be
so he shall see
his deed reflected
so that the me
he wishes to become
cannot overcome
cannot cleave from
the man he kills

in after wrath
what life
left to incite
passion burned
past deadened
mounting eruptions that level
the human village

arcing direct lines to
a decomposing devolution
solutions been damned

so whether deed of death-
or needs deep lack
this man bleeds inside
walking blood bag about to burst
while another erases himself
from the face of the mother
dying of emotional thirst
next to brothers, sisters, lovers
and fathers
passing the miasmic wound torch.

as i breathe
as i walk
as i live
as i love

brother please~
let live
and live the land
inside yourself free.

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