friday night contracts

the week of work put to rest
cheesesteak now dimming
exhale, full bloated belly
lights are going out
inside distant buildings

meat and cheese teeth until
warm pink and wet drool
finds a land to fill
a pillow to knead on

sympathetic outstretched
half lit eyes now ready to eat
an exquisite pairing
a course of struggle,
but “we have each other” innocent survival house on the prairie

second course
the green jeckyl n’ hyde feast
always on the run and ready to destroy
hulking monster alone
the only way he can bear the unbearable
is to destroy man
tearing the care from the moveable feast
walking the line laying mines
seemingly free but trapped in his mind

role models on tv
seeking out your kindness
oh how you instructed me
undressed and full
backward glance of defiance
sublimely signed
on the dotted line

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