eggs serpentine

and if you felt it’s sparkle
on the outerbanks of your imagination
where the quiet blending of fact and dream
painlessly tear veils apart
new vision

and if you answer the call
before the children have come
to re-pattern past paternal prayers
all the energies spent in resistance
would not have to be cast
in reflective shadow

if they sold the new you to you
through you
laid on the same founding
with eyes newly wetted from the miracle
of buying that your primed loins begat foibles

so when days are lived as lifetimes
with more space
than lists
even more detail
incumbent grace

then released to torrent
euphoric hard labor
because it was connected
never severed

i’ve become the jade river stone
rolling in low, long – slow pauses
up from slumber
in mass and powdered form

living now
activating the self-made changeling’s pyre
the only effort
trusting what never left.

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