a father song

     I dreamt of fathers
and father’s fathers
and father’s father’s fathers

mounted faces on walls
behind closed doors
behind closed doors with a
splinter in the heart agenda

edge cutting meds pump in through tubes
while poisoned puss oozes out
through man puppet boobs
into the milk thirsty mouths
of sons and

oh how our modernity turns

while mothers
ripe with the hives sweet balm
work to unlock from the forced sentence
of emotionless corset pill box closets

now inside those hidden rooms
a flower once grew
a bloom
awaiting the strong bow
now got dry rot
sending son’s heartsong of arrows marrow
daughter’s verdant moisture
turning in with twists
the splinter hits, trips and knots

without mother’s milk
son’s weapons ready set
kissed by manmade Medusa’s stoney eyes
Woman becomes an heirloom amulet-
objective hamlet

Father quoting nothing new
claiming rule of Ra
seen only from sun
total dominion grew

without roots
this foundation
who’s footing loosens
blindly in idle binds
a pseudo self-assured
religio-scientific assertion falls
and as it rushes to crumble
we listen for the cry

echoes of the freedom lie

and never enough
grand master yeah butts
shitting out historical edit-edict bonds
claiming God on their side

in between coughs and up from moldy
stating that the best mortar for the new
had to be ground from the pulverized bones
of people trampled as they toiled
carried the water, laid the roads
born on their back
grown under a rolling lunar love of soil

now fathers
listen and be sung awake
our sons and daughters
are born of the unsellable earth
through Her

The deepest waters are on their way
as they come up and through
as sure as the song of the old ones
to renew you into compost
if you must
bringing the dew of day anew.

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