us vs US or
us as US
not isis vs US
cause US vs isis
is to complain as rain to rust

we say that we want
while we fund the affront
for tax privilege of work
and delusions of a free-dome

a legacy of disregard
they fund future profit funnels
legs blown off in byproduct bombings
our ignorance insurance card
for embedded fear channels

look at us! look at US!!
there is no isis without usus

a funded campaign
from US starts with us
so when they give we gave

follow the value chain
because it’s wrapped around your waist
decimating populations with haste
lineages of pain
shrapnel remains
beyond insane

our comfort is moving
we update our profiles
smugness is proving
to change is too vile
unification will prevail
as the snake eats it’s tail

buy now and save
home of the brave
a special report or a factual shave
perpetual war on the enclave

we are usus

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