pressing on the exhale
leaves the inner draw
to auto on.
holding my breath
for all too long
through breaking records
of unuttered song

quiet in rooms of mass
tampering the smiles
with a year of clamping
offering lift to others
who got more grit
more tons
from one

guilt the charred spun hair of god
who can’t be met or loved with wine
hangs from my mouth
draping through the esophagus
coiled mortally through intestines
and shit out peristaltically in perpetua-tory.

as long as my hands stayed tied
to belief built lies
dicey relationships with scissors
to industry standards
for people paper, plastic, or string

sealing myself inside multiple vacuum bags of
meaning, what i thought was healing
i’d frozen a whirling dervish alive
for a deep dive
soul jive-
mack the knife life
asking me back

is the past a knowing, a feeling
a telling…….a fire
a smile yet to be
a hack?

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