horns of seminalina

he said i think about
how much she must love me

on the wire i saw myself standing out in the
wild forests he planted from seed
looking in

most of all the big cool slate tiles
still, for now above the rising waters
the ones hearing his upswing
neo blues harmonics
he prays daily with neolithic lungs
music that busts the modern mind
pulls choked laughter from ancestors
songs of forgotten villages
before freedom had need

now breaking free by
paddling out while
staying in
the mystery

the first i heard through him
dances with an everlasting listening
he’s never changed
he’s always changing
sowing as he blow blasts

a bull by rite

Nandi, Marduk, Hapi-Ankh! Are you listening!
he’s sending messages forward and backward
inside of no time

tender his loving might.

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