Findler’s Lament

for as many times taken
and as many times gone
entire years seen as wasted
played a song calling song

got a big compost talkin’
words to wring out the rag
but the water’s still dirty
the wind’s hot in the bag

and tomorrow’s a tagline
we’ve got maps on our feet
and the people we’re trusting
are real genuine cheats

don’t you fill up the bucket
so’s you can kick it at me
you’re better off sweatin’
in between nylon and she

and then sing of erasure
oh the melody’s true
it’s the damned and the dogged
who are so love-ed by you

now you fix what you carry
although kept out of sight
in the morning you’ll marry
in the evening just right – eous

and don’t, you, dare

no don’t sing, re-frain

cause the beer of your ear, is a horrible cheer
just refrain, re-frain.

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