i for-fritz

Years past while hearts, pre-isolate golden
sunken in creek water
cozy clung algae slime
upping intelligent dust gathered
on a ship of unshakable laughter!
On a ship.

One day then, i was gone
and you wondered
asking the echo of
bespoke art pacts
what was matter.

See i was off on my back smiling
rocking slowly with the dancing water
grinning like the fool i am
birthing slow from a young man’s lullaby
gently down stream
having caught myself with arms of the future
my mind having tossed a life ring
to my heart, or.

You weren’t the reason
the disease was only alive
as i had eaten it with love
every where i looked
capacity trumping logic
and beloveds carrying burden bags
hindsight’s resentment
a still child’s spell
to love all that is.

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