Undying companion
Slayer of squirrels
More reliable than adults
Gracious with feline tribes
Good dog deliver us
He who in straying from canine norms
Brought formative lessons to my
Twelve year old world

short pants in spring

When I was 13
me and McGinnis took off
on the CB 100
amping through the dip in Berry Ave

making a right
our weight reigned in
through sheer thrill
gripping the waist of high centered fear
drifted off
then closing a fast book
my right knee was ground down
yanking up and over to the left
we made these knees even

nigh no knee nerves for
One day
in grew
long, sensational and true
two knee beards
who today gladly greet you.


i for-fritz

Years past while hearts, pre-isolate golden
sunken in creek water
cozy clung algae slime
upping intelligent dust gathered
on a ship of unshakable laughter!
On a ship.

One day then, i was gone
and you wondered
asking the echo of
bespoke art pacts
what was matter.

See i was off on my back smiling
rocking slowly with the dancing water
grinning like the fool i am
birthing slow from a young man’s lullaby
gently down stream
having caught myself with arms of the future
my mind having tossed a life ring
to my heart, or.

You weren’t the reason
the disease was only alive
as i had eaten it with love
every where i looked
capacity trumping logic
and beloveds carrying burden bags
hindsight’s resentment
a still child’s spell
to love all that is.

water song

There are seeds afoot
trees dying aloft
lost kids looking
to join with
looking kids lost.

There is an upward welling
grief with no thought
not to dis-spell or navigate
nor a chemical whispered drip

no where to fore
no neutral neural return
aside from an averse
tilting of the bubble

Only relationships
states of dancing asymptotes.

The key cannot see
for eyes tend to line
yet making dew
with plausible thunder
we move as a chorus
inside, outside and under.